YUNITCO was established in 1979 in Badr city in KSA to be engaged in the field of land transport and logistics, where it was the beginnings when Sheikh Hameed Abdul Rahman Al-Sobhi laid the first blocks of the company, to be one of the Saudi companies working in this field.

In 2004, oil collection activity was initiated. In 2012, Yanbu Factory was established as a specialist factory in recycling oil from factories, petroleum and petrochemical companies, cement factories and other oil waste producers, grease and lubricants, as well as the production of base oils and various solvents, for the production of valuable products used as raw materials for other industries or fuel for factories and others, where the company distributes them within the Kingdom and export them regionally.

During the course of its journey, the company has intensified its efforts and capacity building to be one of the pioneers in the field of logistics and environmental services and recycling of oil wastes, hydrocarbons, industrial water and others.

Believing in the importance of maintaining clean environment and healthy atmosphere to build a prosperous nation, the company has adopted the most advanced and technical methods of research and development of services and innovative solutions at the highest levels.

Yanbu factory is now the largest plant in the Middle East and North Africa and is the second largest manufacturer In the world, which was established on a land area of 96 thousand square meters with a production capacity of about 240 thousand tons / year. Accredited the latest cutting-edge technology, with a storage capacity that meets the local and global market requirements.


Offering a variety of products, services and solutions through the application of modern systems and technology for the collection, transport and recycling of oil wastes, petroleum residues, factory waste and Petrochemicals along with environmental conservation.


A long history and a bright future. The spirit of creativity and excellence is our motivation to be pioneers in the Middle East and North Africa to serve the environment and reduce waste and to be an example in the application of effective programs that work on improving the quality of vital and economic areas and environmental sustainability.


• Service
Providing distinguished service that meets our customers’ expectations

• Teamwork
Promote cooperation, encourage individual contributions and carrying responsibility.

• Development & Innovation
Employ innovative solutions that are able to understand and meet the needs of our
business partners.

• Integrity
Dealing with honesty, transparency and the highest ethical standards to ensure the best
levels of safety and quality.

Effective participation in the community service and contribution to the development of
a better society.


YUNITCO has a team that specializes in quality control processes and determines what methods are to be followed for processing and recycling through the implementation of the latest ISO standards.


YUNITCO adopts all internationally recognized standards and procedures that ensure maximum safety for both the environment and the human being. Environmental safety ensures that natural resources are conserved by waste recycling of all activities and business of the company, while human safety comes through the protection of workers in factories and all work facilities from potential accidents that may cause injury to the worker or damage to the company properties.


YUNITCO has been keen to prepare and equip quality control and testing laboratories for oil testing under the supervision of chemical specialists qualified and with a high level of experience and training.